Scene on Campus: Boxer James Leija Jr.

20 Apr

This is a video is about boxer James Leija Jr. winner of the sub-novice division for the Golden Gloves. In it we hear him personally tell us about his journey into boxing as well as what his two time world champion father Jesse Leija feels about his son’s boxing career. This video shows footage of James Leija tranning at his father’s gym in San Antonio,TX.


Taste of STMU

6 Apr

Rebecca Prada

Videography and Production by Diana Garcia

Rebecca Prada is a junior, marketing major at St. Mary’s University. Rebecca learned to cook through her family and continues to do so because she has come to love it. “It is a way to relieve stress and just get away from daily life.”


  • 1 pack of uncooked tortillas
  • 1 pack of mixed Mexican cheese
  • 1 pack of cooked ham


  • Heat a large flat sheet pan to medium heat.
  • Make sure the pan is hot before you place the tortillas.
  • Let the tortillas cook for about 3 minuets on each side or until you see them puffing up.
  • If you see the tortillas puffing up let them puff for about 30 seconds and then safely with a knife or fork pop the “pimples”
  • After heating them at the proper time add the cheese and place it on half of the tortilla.
  • Let the cheese melt for about a minute and then add the ham.
  • After adding the cheese immediately close the tortilla in half and let it melt together.
  • Let it heat up on each side for about 20 seconds and take them of the pan to cool off.

A Day in the Life of a Photo Editor

2 Mar

Felix Arroyo is the Photo Editor for The Rattler,which is St. Mary’s University’s newspaper. In this sideshow he tells us, and with photos, can see what a day in his life as a Photo Editor would be.

Soundslides Tutorial

23 Feb

Just Dance!

11 Feb

Luz Llanes, Cassandra Vara, Clarissa Pena

As practice is about to began Luz Llanes a dancer for the St. Mary’s dance team, Code Blue, shares details about her life as a dancer.

As you hear this audio recording you will get to hear Luz give us her insight to the many aspects of her life in dance.

Luz is one of the co-captains for Code Blue in which her duty is to oversee that girls are on top of their duties. She began to dance when she was fifteen years old in which she taught herself how to dance in a studio nearby. Her favorite type of dance by far has been hip hop which is great for her because that’s the main style of dancing that the team performs during halftime at basketball games.

She has been part of the team for three years and expresses how passionate she is about dance.

A Little Bit Of A Classmate!

28 Jan

This audio will show you a little about what Gerry Mendez is all about. Its a way to get to know him through recording an interview process done by me.

Media Production II Classmates

24 Jan

From Left Back Row: Gerry Mendez, Analicia Perez, Sarah Mills, Mimi Soy, Austin Newton

From Left Front Row: Jasmine Garcia, Diana Garcia, Veronica Luna, Dania Pulido, Stephen Guzman